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History & Health Benefits of Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest which was primarily known as Swallow Nest in the early days was first found during the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907) back in China nearly 1500 years ago. According to many historical data, in the classical Chinese Medicine Book about health food, swallow nest was imported into China from the Southeast Asian region, Admiral brought the precious bird’s nest from Southeast Asia to the Chinese emperor. Since then bird's nest has been traditionally used by Chinese royalties and ancient beauties and to maintain their beauty and body wellness.  Since then, due to its rarity and rich in nutritional and historical values, demand and price for bird’s nest remains sky high.

"Health Benefits of Bird’s Nest"

  • Health Benefits of Bird’s Nest

  • Helps with respiratory system, treats allergies and nourishes lungs

  • Helps with gastrointestinal system, alleviates cough, clears phlegm and treats stomach ulcers and indigestion

  • Helps with excretory system, nourishes kidneys and treats constipation

  • During pregnancy, nourishes the blood leading to easy delivery with healthy baby with good skin

  • For the weak elderly, helps restore equilibrium to their bodies, making them strong, healthy and energized

  • For patients recovering from illness or surgery , speeds up the return to good strong health

  • Helps build the body's immune system

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